Being outside and being active are what these two brothers love! Older brother Jami is independent and enjoys helping other people. In his spare time he likes to watch television and attend football and basketball games. In school Jami likes his PE class the most as he loves to participate in physical activities. He also like to laugh and if it has to do with Sponge Bob Square Pants it’s sure to make him laugh. Jami is proud of working hard to learn new things. He will need a family that will advocate for him and his needs. Younger brother Colton is also characterized as independent. He is non-verbal but is able to communicate his wants and needs. Some of his favorite things to do are swinging on his swing set and fishing. Colton loves to watch Diego on television as it makes him laugh. He will need an understanding family that is able to provide lots of supervision and support. Both boys need a strong and committed family that will always be there for them. A family that can make sure they receive all the support and care they need is ideal.