Two active brothers who love to have fun together is how most folks would describe Tylor and Elijah. The older of the two, Tylor is characterized as a kiddo who enjoys being outside, he enjoys bugs, animals and just all nature in general. In school his favorite class is science as it interests him the most. In fact Tylor wants to be a scientist when he grows up. He is proud of the fact he works hard in school and has set goals for himself. Younger brother Elijah also loves being outside but rather than nature he mostly enjoys playing sports. His favorites are football and basketball and he is proud of his ability to play them both. In school Elijah likes P.E. class the most as it gives him outlet for his energy. When he grows up he wants to be a football player. Both boys need a strong tight knit family that has plenty of time to devote to both of them. A loving family that can advocate for them while offering them structure, guidance and support is ideal.