Brothers, Corey and Cameron, love to fish together! Corey is a bright young boy who enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities. He is a great ‘fixer’ and is quite adept at fixing electronics. Corey enjoys playing on his iPod or computer as well as playing outside and fishing with his brother. Younger brother, Cameron, has a good sense of humor and can easily make others laugh. Cameron is fond of cats and enjoys playing with them. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up Cameron jokingly replied, “A babysitter for cats.” Cameron also enjoys playing on his pogo stick and iPod, nerf guns, and is quite the skilled fisherman. Corey and Cameron are appreciative of having academic supports. Incentives, such as playing video games, apps, or Wi-Fi privilege, are big motivators for them to be their best, and to complete their school work. They are working hard to express their emotions in an appropriate manner and have made great progress. It will be important for their adoptive family to be supportive of using any necessary resources in order to best meet Corey and Cameron’s needs. Corey and Cameron respond best when they have a well-structured home and school environments, consistency in their daily routine, clear expectations and limits, and logical consequences. They would likely be most successful in a family that can provide them with the attention and support that would benefit them most. A family that has a strong understanding of behavioral tools and strategies will be useful in helping Corey and Cameron realize their full potential.