Get ready to meet six wonderful kiddos who all share in the fact they are smart, caring & ready to be adopted together. The oldest is Maria and she is characterized as intelligent, studious & a good conversationalist. She likes to play basketball and draw, as she says "I like sports and like to do creative stuff." Maria gets all A's in school and her favorite class is math, as she likes solving problems. She also likes to lift weights and to work out. When Maria grows up she would like to be an architect or civil engineer. She is an ambitious kiddo who works hard to improve herself and reach her goals. Next up we have Melaiha, she is really into fashion, hair and makeup. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and watching funny videos on the internet. In school Melaiha also earns all A's and her favorite class is English as she likes reading stories. When she grows up she would like to be a professional makeup artist or fashion designer. Overall Melaiha is hardworking and able to take care of many things on her own. Next, we have Brian, a smart, warm and friendly child. He enjoys reading, cooking, and playing video games. In school Brian's favorite class is English. Right now he doesn't know what he wants to do when he grow up. Brian is a quiet child and takes some time to warm up to others. He does well in school and things he puts his mind to. Next we have Melanie, she is a bubbly child who likes to smile and is characterized as kind to others. In her spare time she likes to color and draw. Melanie's favorite class is school is art. She likes to laugh and watch funny shows on TV. When Melanie grows up she wants to be a Mom. She likes to be the center of attention and gets along well with others. She is friendly & personable. Next is Brody, he is very empathic and kind to others. He likes to play with his toys and doesn't mind cleaning up afterwards. Brody is very helpful around the house and likes to be involved in everything. Overall he just likes to laugh and play and interact with others. Last but not least we have Rocco, he has an extensive vocabulary for his age. He is well behaved and enjoys playing with his toys and going outside to play as well. Joking around and being goofy make Rocco laugh. He also likes animals and really likes dogs in particular. Overall he is a friendly child and quite a charmer. All six children need a family who can dedicate time to them individually and provide them with structure and guidance. The children are all bright and need a family who can help them achieve their goals in life. Most of all a family that can provide love and be there "no matter what" is what they deserve.