Adrian is an imaginative, artistic, and creative young boy. He enjoys cooking, animals, and coming up with new inventions. Adrian would like to be a chef, inventor, or maybe even a vet when he grows up. He would love to own a restaurant someday where he could show off his inventions. Academically, Adrian performs best when he is placed in a smaller group of students. This allows him to receive any additional help and support that he may need to thrive. Adrian gets along well with others, but needs some time to open up. Once he feels safe and loved he is very social. Adrian has a strong bond with his grandmother and enjoys spending time with her. It’s very important to Adrian that he be able to maintain his connection with his grandmother. Adrian would benefit from adoptive parents that maintain a structured, yet loving environment. It’s imperative that Adrian feel safe and loved in order for him to open up and build a connection. He wouldn’t mind having some siblings, but he would like to have his own bedroom. Adrian has expressed he would like a family that has animals. Only families currently residing in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, or Nebraska are being considered at this time in an effort to maintain Adrian's connection with his grandmother.