Meet Damian! A smart, sweet, and charming young man who is very energetic. When Damian is having a good time, everyone around him is having a good time as well. He is a great conversationalist and draws everyone into whatever he is doing. Damian enjoys playing basketball and football. He also likes to play video games and build Legos. In school, Damian likes math the most; he enjoys getting to count change. He is most proud of getting good grades and works very hard to do so. Damian says that he is really good at art. Damian would like a family that would allow him to maintain a relationship with his brother. He needs a family that will provide him with patience, structure, and lots of love. Most of all, Damian deserves a family that will be there for him no matter what! Only families in Kansas are being considered at this time. Damian’s favorite class in school is Math, because he likes to find solutions to problems. Damian wants help with homework and communicating with others, and his forever family should be patient, understanding, and able to provide structure and stability. Damian desires a two parent family that resides in town, and would love to have cats or dogs as pets.