Dalton enjoys playing sports, outdoor activities, and animals. Dalton participates in football, basketball, and baseball. He excels in football and practices really hard to improve his skills. Dalton also enjoys hunting and riding four-wheelers. Dalton has supports in place at school to help keep him focused, but he continues to make great progress and is proud to see such an improvement in his grades. Dalton states that his favorite class is science because he likes to do the experiments and hands-on activities. He has aspirations of joining the Army someday. Dalton is a caring and sweet young man. He often helps adults by carrying things for them and cleaning. He enjoys cooking and likes to help adults cook when he can. Dalton has made progress in completing chores and tasks associated with his daily routine, but he will need reminders to encourage continued progress. Dalton has been working to manage his emotions and impulses when he becomes upset. He needs a patient family that can offer calm guidance and help him in utilizing healthy coping skills when he is angry. A family with no younger children that can provide consistent boundaries, expectations, and structure would be ideal. Dalton has a lot of love to give and deserves a family that is committed to loving him unconditionally. Dalton states he would like a family that will respect him and are “good people”.