Zavion is a loving child that has a great sense of humor and loves to have fun. He enjoys participating in sports; basketball and track are among his favorites. Zavion is also a fan of the movie The Fast & the Furious. He loves the cars in the movie and says that it also makes him laugh. Academically, Zavion does well and has done a great job of getting his grades up and maintaining them. He makes friends very easily with his peers as well as adults. It would be very helpful for Zavion to have adoptive parents willing to set aside a specific time and location for homework as well as encourage, support, and assist him as needed. When asked what he would like to do when he grows up he states, “A therapist—I want to help kids based on my own experiences and how it would relate to the child.” He has made important gains in learning how to manage his emotions and behavior, understand and communicate his needs, and use appropriate coping skills. He has identified his own self-calming techniques and he appreciates gentle reminders to use these techniques when needed. Zavion has some family connections that are very important to him. He’s counting on his adoptive family to help him maintain these significant relationships. Zavion responds best when he has a well-structured home and school environment, clear expectations and limits, and logical consequences. He has expressed that he would like adoptive parents that will always care about him, never give up on him, and love him unconditionally. Zavion is a thoughtful, caring kid who is eager to find stability in an adoptive family.