Camron and Tay’veon need a family that will love and accept both of them. Camron, the oldest, is described as a having a great sense of humor. He is energetic and loves sports. He enjoys playing basketball, football and soccer. Camron likes most things about school and says that he likes his math, reading, science and recess classes the most. Camron is still learning how to make and maintain friendships. Tay’Veon likes to play baseball, basketball and kickball. He enjoys playing with his toy cars and airplanes. In school, Tay’Veon likes recess the best. He is still learning how to interact with his peers. Both Camron and Tay’Veon have made great improvements in their behaviors. They continue to work on listening, not taking back, showing respect and always telling the truth. These siblings need a family that will provide lots of love, patience and consistency.