Meet siblings Maria and Jesus, two great kids who would like a family that is fun, loving and kind. Older sister Maria enjoys reading, writing, singing and dancing. She has aspirations of become a dance instructor one day. In school Maria likes choir and her language arts classes. Maria works hard to complete her homework and get to class on time. She has made a lot of progress in improving her attitude and behaviors at school. She wants an active family that will do “girly things with her.” Younger brother Jesus is friendly, outgoing, energetic and sweet. He likes being active and playing football and basketball. Someday he would like the opportunity to play professional football. Jesus always tries hard to do his best and in school his favorite subject is reading. He gets along well with peers, bonds with others and especially loves to spend time with his sister. At times he can struggle with staying on task and completing assignments so he will need routine reminders and encouragement from his family. Maria and Jesus both need a family that can provide a structured and consistent environment along with reassurance and positivity. A patient family that can provide lots of attention would be ideal.