Sister & brother duo Madison & William are energetic kids who love being active. Older sister Madison is very friendly and easy to talk to. Her hobbies include swimming, playing with dolls, playing dress-up and doing her nails. In school her favorite class is art as she has a passion for drawing. When Madison grows up she wants to be doctor or beautician. She is very proud of her participation in the Special Olympics and also how well she does in school. Younger brother William is characterized as someone who can go with the flow. He loves playing with his toy swords, nerf guns and playing video games. In school William likes recess and lunch the most as he says he likes to eat. When he grows up he says since he likes the outdoors he might choose something like the military or sports, in particular playing football. Both children would do well with an active family that can provide each one of them with individualized attention. A family that can offer structure, patience and consistency is best.