Multi-talented siblings Eathen & Nevaeh both want to be adopted by an active and fun loving family. Older brother Eathen is good with animals and building things. In school his favorite part of the day is recess as he says it’s a nice break from the school work. When Eathen grows up he wants to be a mechanic, as he loves fixing things. He really puts his all into learning how stuff works and how it is put together. Eathen would like a family that lives out in the country. Little sister Nevaeh is a good dancer and loves to listen to music. In school her favorite things are PE class and lunch time. Nevaeh likes math and spelling as well. When she grows up she wants to work at a hair salon and be a beautician. Nevaeh says her brother Eathen makes her laugh. Both children are closely bonded to each other. A patient and understanding family would be ideal. Most of all they deserve a committed family who give them lots of love, support and guidance.