Aubreyelle, Jairen, and Chloe are excited to share their lives with a loving, supportive, and nurturing family! Aubreyelle enjoys playing volleyball, longboarding, and music. She’s especially fond of singing and playing the piano. Aubreyelle enjoys challenging herself by learning different instruments and improving her musical abilities. She would love to be a college music professor one day. Jairen is easy going and personable. She is an avid writer, sports enthusiast, and talented artist. Her favorite class is Language Arts but she’s also excited about her upcoming video production class. Thinking of her future, Jairen has aspirations of becoming a pediatrician or a movie producer. Fun-loving and outgoing, Chloe enjoys making others laugh. Her contagious personality and bright smile allow her to shine when she participates in musicals and drama class. She would love to be an actress or dancer in the future. Like many teens her age, Chloe enjoys socializing and is especially fond of taking selfies and texting her friends. Aubreyelle, Jairen, and Chloe have an abundance of creativity and love to share with an active, stable, and encouraging family.