An amazing group of four bonded siblings, Jonah, Jordan, Dalilah & Lucy want to be adopted together by a loving family. The oldest of the group, Jonah enjoys art and sports, his favorites being basketball and football. He also has a unique hobby in that he likes robotics, he says it is something that keeps him busy. In school Jonah’s favorite classes are computer and coding, as he has a big interest technology. In fact when he grows up he wants to be a game developer. Overall Jonah is an easy-going kid and is proud of that fact that he is well liked by everyone. Next up is Jordan, he enjoys drawing and playing football. He likes to stay active and involved in different activities. In school Jordan’s favorite class is English as he finds it be interesting. When he grows up he would like to be an NFL player, but if that doesn’t work out, he would also like to be a video games designer. Next up there is Delilah, she enjoys drawing, playing the clarinet and also playing basketball. She has many interests and likes to stay busy. In her downtime Delilah likes to read. He favorite classes in school are English and Science. When Dalilah grows up she wants to be a 5th grade teacher, a singer or an actress. She is proud of her accomplishments, among them is getting 4.0 GPA recently in school. Last but certainly not least there is Lucy, she is a resilient kiddo who works hard at learning new things. She enjoys reading books, playing with toys, especially her dolls and watching movies. In school Lucy enjoys her art class the most as she gets the chance to be creative. She loves her siblings and they are what make her laugh the most. All four children are very bonded to each other and watch out for each other. They need a strong, tight-knit family who can provide all of them one on one time and support. An environment that offers structure, guidance and love is ideal.