"My name is Dantevius. This is the story about my life. Staff who work with me say I radiate joy. Right now my case worker is looking for a home for me. I am a sweet, generous, awesome, loving boy. I love to beatbox and dance and I’m a patient and encouraging teacher. I love to play basketball (and can even make a half-court shot) and football. When staff ask me how I’m doing, I usually respond, ‘Pretty awesome!’ I work hard at school, although sometimes I need extra help. I get along with other kids, although I get upset when I’m bullied. Sometimes I get upset when I don’t get my way, but this is something I’m working on. I like making people smile and this makes me smile. I regularly participate in talent shows where I’m living, showing off my talents. I like cars and how they look and their speed. In a family, I would like to be loved and cared about."