Billy and Ellen want a family that is willing to commit to a lifetime of loving them both! Older brother, Billy, enjoys playing tennis, baseball, and video games. Billy also reports, “Sometimes I like cleaning.” In school, Billy likes his science class the most because he thinks it’s fun and is able to do experiments. Billy enjoys helping others and would like to extend this to a career as a police officer. When asked what makes Billy laugh, he replies, “looking at animals at the pet store and watching SpongeBob.” Billy gets along with others when given some time to adjust to new people. He works hard to manage his behaviors and express himself in positive ways. He does well when he stays busy and has activities that he can participate in. Ellen is a very friendly and outgoing girl. She has a huge heart for others! She often reaches out to those different than her and makes friends easily. Ellen enjoys arts and crafts as well as bike rides and playing outside. When it’s hot she enjoys playing in the water. She reports that she enjoys these activities because she likes the people she gets to do the activities with. When asked what her favorite class is at school, Ellen replies, “I like everything at school because I get to raise my hand and talk.” When she grows up Ellen would like to be a doctor stating, “I love helping and taking care of everyone.” Ellen continues to make progress in maintaining and improving her behaviors. She relates well to both peers and adults and is very helpful with younger children. Ellen thrives when she is surrounded by love and support. Both Billy and Ellen need an active, patient family that is willing to support both of them and their individual needs.