Active siblings, Billy & Ellen, are closely bonded to each other and want to be adopted together. Older brother Billy loves to play tennis and baseball. He likes to stay busy by going to YMCA in his spare time. Billy enjoys the outdoors as well and being around animals. In school there isn’t a class he doesn’t like, but he does have a particular favorite and that is science and he enjoys the experiments they get to do. When Billy grows up he wants to work at a pet store as he says “I love animals.” Younger sister Ellen loves to dance and be helpful to others. She likes helping take care of younger children and loves babies. Ellen gets along well her peers and adults and considers herself to be a good friend to others. She likes all her classes in school and is proud of how well she has done. When Ellen grows up she wants to be either a doctor, nurse or party planner. Both children need a committed family that will stay involved with them and advocate for them. They need a family that can provide plenty structure and support, but most of all love.