Get ready to meet the three amigos, they are inquisitive and good natured kids. The oldest is Christine, she is good at arts and crafts and considers it to be her main hobby. In school her favorite class is math, as she says she is good at it. Christine loves to laugh and joke around with her siblings. When she grows up she is not sure what she wants to do. Christine is proud of the strides and progress she has made in school as she works hard. Next up we have Nicholas, he is all about figuring out how stuff works. He is a master builder when it comes to Legos as well. When he is not doing that, he likes to play board games and Pokémon Go. In school Nicholas says math is also his favorite subject. When he grows up he wants to buy as many Legos as he can and possibly work at Target! The youngest is Susan, she enjoys playing with her Barbie’s. In school, just like her older two siblings, she likes math the most. Susan has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. She has worked hard in school and made many improvements academically. She gets along well with others and enjoys being with her siblings. All three children would do well with a family that is structured and patient. A family that can provide each of them equal attention and guidance is ideal.