Ryan is fun-loving and loves to laugh! He is helpful around the house and enjoys taking on responsibilities that help out the family. Ryan enjoys staying active by earning badges in Boy Scouts, playing the violin, building with Legos, and riding his bike. Ryan enjoys reading and working with computers because he likes to “escape” and is not into sports. He likes Star Wars and Stranger Things; Ryan is most proud of his Stranger Things collectibles. Ryan has expressed an interest in learning how to cook and loves humor and sarcasm. When Ryan grows up he aspires to be a chef or possibly work with computers doing game animation. In school, Ryan enjoys science the most because he loves to learn about the relationship between himself and the world around him. He loves that science uses a lot of hands on learning. Ryan wants a family that will allow him to maintain a connection with his older sister. A family that is active and has a sense of humor is ideal. Ryan needs a patient and loving family who can advocate for his needs and be there for him no matter what! Only families in Kansas are being considered at this time.