Siblings Wyatt, Dalton, and Zachary love spending time together playing outdoors, riding bikes or swimming. Wyatt, the oldest, enjoys PE and would like to play football and other sports. In addition to spending time outdoors, Wyatt enjoys music and comedy movies. When he grows up, he would like to be a builder or inventor. Dalton is good at drawing and art. In school, his favorite subjects are art and P.E. He gets along well with others and he enjoys school. He also likes going to church. When Dalton grows up, he would like to be an engineer. Zachary, the youngest, would like to be a police officer when he grows up. Zachary likes playing at the park and spending time with friends. He gets along well with others, and he works hard at being a good brother. Wyatt, Dalton and Zachary would like a forever family that is patient, caring and understanding. They will benefit from a family who can provide them a lot of direction and guidance to assist them in reaching their goals. Most of all, they need a family who will love and support them unconditionally.