Active and on the go brothers, Matthew, Ezekiel and Malachi are closely bonded and want to be adopted together. The oldest of the group is Matthew, he considers playing sports to be one of his biggest interests and personal strengths. He enjoys spending time outside and likes to go to the park to play. Matthew also likes to play video games. In school his favorite class is Robotics because he says it involves hands-on learning and projects. When Matthew grows up he wants to go into Air Force. Next up is Ezekiel, he enjoys playing sports, his favorite being basketball. He also enjoys art and likes to paint. In school Ezekiel says his reading class is his favorite because he says you can learn a lot about real life. When he grows up he wants to be a journalist and write for a newspaper. Ezekiel is proud of being of able to get along with lots of different people and working hard in school. Last but not least is Malachi. He likes to build things, play outside and ride his bike. In school Malachi’s favorite class is recess as he likes to get his energy out and have fun. He doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up but is a very smart and relatable child who can do many different things. Malachi says he is proud of being a good kid. All three boys need a family that will commit to them and always be there for them. A strong, tight family who can provide plenty of structure, guidance and kindness is ideal.