Aleeya, Ashlynn, Christopher and Cashtyn are a sibling group of four who wish to be adopted together. Aleeya is a strong independent child who loves arts and crafts, reading, and participating in girl scouts. She has recently taken an interest in dancing and gymnastics, which she would love to continue. Aleeya is most proud of how well she does on her homework. She always tries to do her very best. Aleeya does well with making new friends and is kind to her peers and adults. She wishes for a family who will always make her feel loved and for that to be apparent. Ashlynn is an outgoing child. Most people would describe Ashlynn as loud and energetic. Ashlynn enjoys going to school, and her favorite part about school is going out to recess. Ashlynn loves to laugh and has a silly sense of humor. Ashlynn relates well to her peers as well as adults. Christopher enjoys playing with his trucks throughout the day. He is typically a happy little boy. He enjoys attention and playing with his older siblings. Cashtyn is the youngest child of this sibling set of four. He is active, caring, funny and bubbly. Cashtyn is at the age where he likes to play with toys, have stories read to him, and follow his older siblings around. Cashtyn has no issues when it comes to relating to his peers and listening to adults. This sibling set of four needs to be adopted together as they are strongly bonded. They will need an adoptive family that will be patient, loving, nurturing and understanding.