Two big fans of art, Julio & Abigail want a family that will adopt them together. Older brother Julio is characterized as someone who works hard and is proud of his accomplishments. He enjoys being outside and playing sports like basketball, football and soccer. When not playing sports, Julio likes to draw, play the cello and watch funny movies. He does well in school and his favorite classes are math, art and PE. When Julio grows up he wants to design video games. He will need a family that can provide him with guidance and support. Younger sister Abigail is good at making people laugh. She is also good at cheer and dance. Abigail loves art, reading and music and aspires to be an artist when she grows up. In school it’s no surprise that art is her favorite class. Abigail is proud of working hard and being respectful to others. Both Julio and Abigail need an active family that can offer structure and consistency along with love and encouragement.