These 3 siblings are ready to shoot for the stars and needing the love and attention of a strong, patient, and reassuring family to get them there. Trinity, 10, is a fashionista in the making! If you need makeup or fashion advice, she's always willing to make recommendations. She has a strong sense of adventure and loves trying new things-especially if it involves traveling and exploring new places. She's into all things girly-such as make-up, clothes, and jewelry-but also loves doing handstands and cartwheels. Future Dodge Ball champion, Deonte is 7 years old. When he's not playing dodge ball or able to get outdoors, he enjoys "indoor sports" on the Xbox. He takes pride in helping with chores around the house too! He says that someday he might like to be a Police Officer but right now he's just busy with his homework and practicing sports. Their youngest sibling, ZaKiya is 6. She has plans to be an astronaut and is already practicing her count-down skills. "3-2-1, Blast-off" she exclaims as she propels herself into a handstand! She is full of life and energy and definitely has a mind of her own! She loves animals and movies but mostly, she likes running around outdoors and playing. These siblings are waiting for an energetic family who is ready to commit to them "no matter what!"