Always on the go and always ready to go, best describes siblings Eddie, Shawnzjay, Sinterica & Ezekiel. The oldest of the group is Eddie, he is characterized as athletic and a sports enthusiast. He like playing basketball in particular and wants to a professional player when he grows up. Eddie is proud of his skills in basketball and has worked hard to be one of the best players. In school he likes his science class the most because he gets to do experiments. Eddie needs a family that can keep up with him while also providing him with structure and guidance. Next is Shawnzjay, she is also a sports lover. She considers gymnastics and swimming to be the ones she is best at. In her down, Shawnzjay likes playing outside and singing. In school she many favorite subjects, among them are science, PE and art. When Shawnzjay grows up she would like to help the homeless and has many aspirations to help people. She will need a family that will be there for her and be supportive. Next we have Sinterica, she loves to dance and make people laugh. She also likes to play outside and help take care of things around the house. In school Sinterica’s favorite class is science. She has aspirations of being a business owner when she grows up, in particular she would like to own a McDonald’s restaurant. A family that can give her one on one attention and equal time as her siblings is ideal. Last but not least we have Ezekiel, he also loves to make people laugh. He enjoys being silly and making his siblings laugh. Ezekiel likes to play outside and play with his toys. He doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up yet, but he knows he wants to do something fun. Ezekiel needs a patient and caring family to guide him as he grows. All four children would do well with an active family. An attentive, strong and tight-knit family that will commit to them and always be there for them is what they deserve.