Siblings Zoey, Sion & Ethan are a charismatic trio who wants more than anything to be adopted together. The oldest of the group is Zoey, she is intelligent and personable. She enjoys reading and likes going to school. In her spare time Zoey likes to go swimming and play with her friends. In school her favorite subject is English as it goes along with her love of reading. Zoey is proud of working hard and doing well in school, a family that can offer her support and reassurance is ideal. Next up is Sion, he is also intelligent and likes to learn about new things. He says he is good at word searches and spelling. Sion loves anything to do with cars, really anything with wheels! In school he enjoys learning about technology, like cars and trains. Sion enjoys playing with siblings, playing tag and just joking around with them. Sion works hard in school and will need a family who can a cheerleader for him as he strives to reach his goals. Last but not least there is Ethan, he is full of energy and very athletic. He likes playing baseball and being active. Ethan has an interest in sports, board games and swimming. In school he likes his PE class the most. Ethan also likes playing with his siblings, playing games with them and laughing. He recently got an award at school for working hard and is very proud of that. A family that can provide him with the guidance to continue on that path is ideal. All three siblings will need a strong tight knit family that can provide structure, consistency & patience. A loving family that will commit to them and help them reach their potential is certainly something they deserve.