Three brothers, Brizon, Landon & Eathen have a strong bond and want to be adopted together. The oldest of the group is Brizon, he truly cares about his brothers and tries to watch out for them. He likes collecting Pokémon cards and building stuff in his spare time. Brizon also likes to draw and play games on his Nintendo 2DS. He doesn’t have a favorite class in school but he has a wide variety of interests. Brizon says the thing that makes him laugh the most are his brothers. Next up is Landon, he is really into social studies and science. Outside of that he likes playing sports, like baseball and football. In Landon’s downtime he enjoys drawing and coloring. He reports his best subject in school is math and that he is very good at it. When Landon grows up he wants to be a professional football player or play baseball for the Kansas City Royals. The youngest of the group is Eathen, he is characterized as smart and into sports. He likes playing football and baseball in particular. Eathen likes telling funny jokes to his brothers and making them laugh. In school his favorite class is art, as he enjoys being able to make stuff out of clay. When Eathen grows up he wants to be either a football player or a professional Pokémon player. All three brothers need a committed family who will provide them with lots of support, guidance and understanding. They certainly deserve a loving family who will always be there for them.