Christopher “Chris” is kindhearted, funny, and active! A teenager who is energetic and full of life, Chris has the enthusiasm and curiosity to explore many interests; running, basketball, golf, football, cooking, and spending time outside are among his favorites. Being a teenage boy, it’s no surprise that Chris likes to eat, but he also likes to cook and will try to make just about anything! When relaxing, he enjoys playing games on his phone or computer. Chris is a bright and capable student with the ability to achieve and maintain good grades. He would greatly benefit from an adoptive family willing to set aside a specific time for homework; oversee the completion of his assignments; and encourage, support, and assist him as needed. Chris is naturally entertaining and funny and likes to make people laugh; he states that is favorite class at school is “social skills because it is easy.” He has aspirations of becoming a chef or police officer after he graduates. Chris is overcoming past trauma and has made very important gains in learning how to manage his emotions and behavior, understand and communicate his needs, and use appropriate coping skills. Chris is most proud of his behavioral improvements. He continues to work hard to meet his goals both behaviorally and academically. Praise and encouragement help to positively motivate Chris and help him to feel valued. He would benefit from having an attentive, patient, and caring adult nearby to calmly coach and redirect him when needed, and to further foster his growth, maturity, and development. Chris wants to be adopted! He wants a committed family who will not give up on him, is excited to stay active with him, and can help him navigate the rest of his adolescence and successfully achieve his goals for the future. His adoptive family can look forward to a bright, caring young teen that is eager to have a ‘no-matter what’ family.