Siblings Jalaya and Gregory wish to be adopted together into a family that will love them unconditionally, be patient with them and help them to feel safe. Jalaya is kind, helpful and respectful. She’s great at art and enjoys drawing, painting and crafting. She also likes to sing and dance! Jalaya enjoys helping to cook and garden. Other hobbies include reading, watching movies and playing with her dolls. Jalaya does well in school, and she likes art and reading class! She’s a shy girl, so it takes her some time to warm up to people. Jalaya would benefit from a family that can articulate their expectations in advance and be patient with her. Gregory is great at playing basketball and football. He also loves to dance to music! Other hobbies include watching television and playing with his friends. Gregory’s favorite classes in school are gym and science. People who know him say he’s eccentric and great at telling stories, and that he can be very sweet. Gregory does best when he has an established routine. He could thrive with a family that would love him and be patient with him. Both Jalaya and Gregory would do best with a family that is knowledgeable about parenting children who have experienced trauma.