Twins Teonna and Breonna have a very special bond. Their wish is to be adopted together into a family that can have fun with Teonna and teach her how to be a kid while advocating for Breonna, ensuring that her mental, physical and emotional health needs are met. Teonna is a very intelligent girl who loves school and takes some advanced classes. She said she might want to be a teacher one day. Teonna enjoys watching movies, playing basketball and hanging out with friends. Teonna could thrive with a calm, open-minded family that understands the effects of trauma on children and can help her have fun and be a kid. Teonna is very dedicated to her twin sister, Breonna. Breonna said she is “good at being nice.” Like her sister, she enjoys watching movies. Breonna also likes listening to music and going to Boys & Girls Club. She likes being outside and spending time with Teonna. Breonna would do best with a family that is comfortable working with children who have experienced trauma and could advocate for her needs.