Sweet, caring, artistic, and athletic are just a few words that Madelyn uses to describe herself! Art and music help Madelyn express her feelings and she loves getting lost in a good book. Most of all, Madelyn likes to be outside. When Madelyn is outside she feels free and not trapped. While outside, Madelyn enjoys playing football and soccer. Other activities Madelyn’s likes to do in her spare time include cooking, playing with other kids, singing, and swimming. In school, Madelyn applies herself and does well; her favorite subject is English. Madelyn aspires to be a Phlebotomist when she grows up; she wants to help doctor’s find out what is going on with their patients and come up with treatments that will help them, not hurt them in the long run. Madelyn is very protective of the people that she loves and of the people who are there for her. Madelyn wants a family with pets and a family that would allow her to stay connected to her biological family, especially her siblings. Madelyn needs at family that can provide her with structure, patience, and consistency. She deserves a family that will be there for her no matter what!