Meet siblings, Jah‘Veon and Ja’Carla! Together they would like an active and outdoorsy family. Jah’Veon enjoys dancing and rapping, along with fishing and bowling. His favorite class in school is history because he likes learning about the past. Jah’Veon likes to watch a funny movie or to hear a good knock knock joke from time to time. For the future, Jah’Veon aspires to be a basketball player or the next Michael Jackson. Little sister Ja’Carla enjoys swimming and dancing. She likes to play at the park with friends, along with playing with dolls and eating ice cream. In school, Ja’Carla enjoys math and aspires to be a singer when she grows up. She is a smart child and doing very well in school. Jah’Veon and Ja’Carla need a family that can provide them with structure, patience, and consistency. They deserve a family that can be strong role models for them and be there for them no matter what!