Get ready to meet three amazing sisters who want more than anything to be adopted together. The oldest is Keara and she is good at many things, among them art and swimming. In particular she enjoys art because it’s her favorite class in school and she says it gives her a chance to express herself. Keara likes to attend church and the church youth groups as well as she enjoys spending time with her friends. She has aspirations to travel the world when she gets older. Keara will need a family that can provide her with guidance and encouragement as she works towards achieving her goals in life. Middle sister Siley is good at coloring and computer games. Some of her other hobbies include swimming, arts and crafts and watching movies on the iPad. In school Siley likes her reading the class the most as she says she learns something new every time she reads. When she grows up she wants to be a foster mom so she can do what her current foster parents do. Siley will need a family that can offer structure and consistency. Youngest is Rayna, she enjoys participating in gymnastics. She also likes to go swimming, doing arts and crafts and playing on the computer. Like her older sister, Rayna also enjoys being able to express herself through art, in particular through painting on a canvas. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher so she can help kids like herself. Rayna will need a family that can offer support, trust and guidance. All 3 sisters would do well with a strong family that has time for each of time individually and all together. A family that is committed to them and will always be there for them.