Active and close-knit is how people would describe Jamond and Jeniah. The oldest is Jamond and he is a great football player. He enjoys going outside and playing with his friends. In school Jamond likes his science class the most because they get to do experiments in class. He is proud of doing well in that class and on his science projects. Jamond loves a good laugh and likes to watch both action and comedy movies, a favorite of his is the movie Rush Hour. When he grows up he wants to play professional football for the New York Giants! Next up is Jeniah, she loves being on the go and enjoys going outside to ride her bike. In school math is her favorite class and of course she loves recess too. Jeniah has a unique hobby in that she likes to make jewelry for dogs. She loves to laugh and enjoys watching Teen Titans on Cartoon network. Jeniah is a helpful child and doesn’t mind doing yardwork and picking up after herself. Both children are unique and personable. A family that can recognize their individual qualities and strengths is ideal. A loving family that can provide structure, guidance and security and will keep them together is what they need.