Both characterized as funny and kind, brothers David & Jaxon are overall great kiddos. Older brother David is very creative and crafty, in fact one thing he likes to do is make things with duct tape! He is proud of his duct tape creations and can do a multitude of different designs likes wallets, purses & bracelets. David also enjoys playing sports, his favorite being baseball and basketball. He has a big interest in art and likes to draw and make things with his hands. In school David’s favorite class is history as he likes to learn about different times and places. In his downtime he enjoys watching movies and funny Youtube videos. When David grows up he wants to go to Kansas State University and become a lawyer. Younger brother Jaxon loves playing in the backyard, riding his scooter and bike. He especially enjoys spending time with his big brother David whom he looks up to. In school Jaxon’s favorite class is recess as he says “it is fun!” He loves to laugh and watch funny TV shows and tell jokes. Jaxon doesn’t know yet what he wants to be when he grows up but he has many different interests. Currently Jaxon is learning how to ride his bike and is proud of the progress he is making. Overall he is a sweet and loving child who gets along with everyone. Both boys are very bonded to each other and want to be adopted together by a nice family. They would both do well with a family that can provide lots of love, structure and support. A fun family with a good sense of humor and positive outlook on life is ideal.