Madalyn and Elijah want a family that will adopt them together. Older sister, Madalyn, is a smart, polite, happy, and talkative young girl. She is passionate about performing and expresses herself through writing music, singing, dancing, and fashion. She also enjoys art and drawing. It’s no surprise that Madalyn’s favorite class is Theatre! Madalyn is easy to talk to, and would like to be a Cosmetologist when she grows up! Younger brother, Elijah, enjoys participating in sports and robotics. He currently plays basketball on his school team and previously played tennis. He also likes to skateboard and play video games in his spare time. Elijah’s favorite class in school is math because he likes to solve problems. He states he would like to be a chef when he grows up and own a restaurant. A loving, committed family that can provide stability and structure would be best suited for these siblings.