D'Coree and D'Saveur are brothers who are anxiously awaiting a forever family. The boys enjoying spending time together playing outdoors, swimming, and playing games together. D'Coree, the oldest, enjoys swimming, watching movies, and riding his scooter. In school D'Coree's favorite activity is to play educational games on the computer, his favorite is "animal jam." D'Coree gets along well with peers, especially with children younger than him. D'Coree enjoys being a help to younger children. When D'Coree grows up he would like to be a paleontologist. D'Saveur, the youngest, would like to be a superhero when he grows up. D'Saveur has a fun imagination and enjoys playing pretend. D'Saveur also enjoys going to the swimming pool and playing with his race cars. D'Saveur does well listening to adults and following instructions. D'Coree and D'Saveur will need a patient, kind, and encouraging family, but most of all D'Coree and D'Saveur will need a family that is willing to adopt them together.