Get ready to meet four siblings who together are a fantastic team, Josiah, Harvey, Javion & Jamel. The oldest of the group is Josiah (not pictured), he is an athletic child who enjoys playing many different kinds of sports such as football, baseball and soccer. In school his favorite class is math as he considers it to be easy. When Josiah grows up he wants to an NFL football player. He has been able to set goals and accomplish them so a family who provide continued support in this regard is ideal. Next up is Harvey, he is a sports fanatic, his favorites being football and basketball. He is a helpful child who likes to lend others a hand when in need. In school Harvey really enjoys the free time they get at the end of the day so he can just relax and wind down. When he grows up he wants to be a police officer. A family that can provide him with some one on one attention would be great. Next up is Javion, he is good at playing football and enjoys playing video games. He also likes to spend time outside and enjoys playing games with his friends. In school Javion’s favorite class is science as he likes the experiments they get to do. When he grows up he also wants to be a police officer as he wants to help the “world be a better place.” A family that can be a cheerleader for him and offer praise and guidance is ideal. Last but not least we have the youngest of the group, Jamel. He has good manners and is characterized as easy going. Jamel enjoys drawing, coloring, playing with stuffed animals, and anything outside. He loves being around his brothers and looks up to them. Jamel loves to eat as well. A family that can help nurture him as he grows is ideal. All four brothers have a close bond and need to be adopted together. They would do well with a family that can treat them as individuals with their own hopes and dreams. They have a lot to offer and would do well with a family that can support them through love and guidance.