Ashlynne could easily be called a social butterfly! She's known for her contagious smile, positive attitude, and great sense of humor. Ashlynne desires to have a loving family who reciprocates her cheerful and caring demeanor. Ashlynne finds joy in song and dance, especially with country music. When asked what makes her laugh, Ashlynne shared that music makes her feel light and happy! She has interest in taking tap dance or ballet lessons and hopes a family could support her in doing so. Ashlynne likes the opportunity to help those around her. Even hoping to be a teacher or foster parent when she grows up! Ashlynne has a passion for cooking and will gladly join you in whipping up a fun recipe for dinner. Ashlynne would benefit from an active, outgoing family who enjoys spending time together. She'd do well with understanding parents who can listen to her when needed.