Lucy can be a sweet, helpful individual but can also be a little ornery sometimes. She loves to laugh and has a strong bond with her sister, Dalilah. Lucy has been known to mimic her older sister when she is practicing for gymnastics or dance and has even put on a little show of her own. Her favorite past time is coloring or drawing, but she also likes to look at books and be helpful. One of her favorite chores is to help with trash or recycling, the latter of which was her “job” at school. She loves organization whether that be with her physical belongings or her daily schedule. Dalilah is an active, outgoing teenager with a kind heart and a deep love for her family, always wanting to know her family is being taken care of and loved. She is active in sports and dance but also likes singing and reading books in her spare time. She loves going to school and has high expectations of herself, always aiming to get all A’s in her classes. She has a great sense of humor and loves to have a good laugh and can be super creative. She loves music and can talk about her favorite bands with others for hours if you let her. These girls would benefit from a patient home with a great support system in place and an understanding of parenting children who have suffered trauma and loss. An active family who is always supportive of their interests and needs would also be beneficial as well as a loving home who is willing to keep any and all appropriate connections for the girls. Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.