Jamond and Jeniah are close siblings and would like to be adopted together into a patient, loving family that would provide them with security and stability! Sports, including basketball and football, are a favorite pastime of Jamond. In fact, the teen would like to play in the NBA when he’s older! Jamond also likes to play video games, and he’s good at drum tapping. Those who know him say that Jamond is a sweet boy. He would do best with a family that would be patient with him and give him time to adjust to changes. Those who know her say Jeniah is very sweet and helpful. She’s great at telling stories and making others laugh. She likes to dance, sing, craft, swim, paint her nails and watch television. Jeniah would like to be a dancer when she grows up. At school, Jeniah’s favorite classes are math and reading. Jeniah needs a family that will spend one-on-one time with her. She would do best with a family that understands the effects of trauma on children and is willing and able to advocate for the services she needs to continue to thrive. Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.