These adorable siblings wish to be adopted together into a family that will give them lots of attention, structure, support and unconditional love! Active and funny is how some describe Josiah. He can be very polite and helpful as well. Josiah likes basketball and football, and he likes to play with Nerf guns and video games. Josiah says that his sister, jokes and funny television shows make him laugh. People who know her say that Skyla has an infectious laugh, and she laughs often. She also loves to help, especially with babies. Other favorite activities include playing with baby dolls, watching television shows, coloring and swimming. Skyla likes to play with toys that make sounds, play with books, and run and jump. She’s very good at making people smile! Josiah and Skyla will need a very special family that has a lot of energy, but a lot of patience as well. They could thrive with a family that has knowledge of trauma and special needs parenting, as well as an ability to advocate for their educational and medical needs.