These adorable siblings – Josiah and Skyla -- wish to be adopted together into a family that’s knowledgeable about parenting children who have experienced trauma and that will give them lots of attention, structure and support. Active, helpful and polite is how Josiah is described. He enjoys playing sports, swimming, building with Legos, and playing with Nerf guns and Beyblades. Josiah also likes to play video games and play on his tablet computer. Josiah enjoys being social, particularly with adults. He said that his sister, YouTube videos and funny movies and shows make him laugh. Skyla is helpful, sweet and silly, with an infectious laugh and a great smile that brightens up the room! She enjoys playing with baby dolls, watching television, coloring and swimming. Skyla giggles as she tells stories about her day. In the past year she has developed a love for school, and she enjoys being quizzed by her foster brothers on educational materials. Skyla laughs a lot, especially when playing with her siblings. Both Josiah and Skyla receive one-on-one assistance at school in order to function at their best. The siblings need a very special family that has a lot of energy and a lot of patience. They could thrive with a family that is experienced in parenting children with special needs and is able to connect with resources to ensure that their educational and health needs are met now and into adulthood. It would be best if their “no matter what” family had a good team of helpers in place to assist them when necessary. Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.