iblings Domonique, Dawayne, and A'Minnie are three bonded siblings who long to be adopted together! As the oldest, Domonique is known to be helpful and friendly. He can often be found offering support to his two younger siblings. A sports fanatic, he loves watching and learning how to play all different sports! Something important to him in an adoptive family, is having parents who allow him to participate in extracurricular activities and cheer him on. Aside from sports, he hopes to have a family that likes to be active through activities like fishing or an afternoon at the park. At 12 years old, Domonique would love time to hang out with friends as appropriate and parents who allow him to be social. He's not sure what he'd like to do when he grows up, but Domonique is certain he wants to attend college. With his good grades and love of reading, there's no doubt he will successfully reach this goal. Domonique, Dawayne, and A'minnie must be adopted together. At this time, their case team is only considering families residing in the state of Kansas.