Meet Samantha (Sammie) and Skylar. Sammie is a bubbly, social butterfly who loves spending time with her family, including the furry members. She is always up for a new adventure and likes to stay active but is also comfortable just relaxing, playing games on her phone or even doing a little arts and crafts. She loves all animals, but especially cows and rhinos. When it comes to food, Chinese is her favorite or even some nice fast food, but she’s a little more selective when it comes to home cooked meals. Sammie would thrive in a home that would keep her busy and who would support her in her interests. Skylar, who is currently 15 years old, is an excellent older sister to Sammie and does not want to be separated from her. Skylar is more introverted than Sammie, preferring to spend time on her phone watching Tik Tok or hanging out with a few close friends. However, she does enjoy some sports (tennis and basketball), muscle cars, and music (T. Swift is her favorite). Though Skylar's number one requirement in a family is to keep her and her sister together, she would also benefit from a family who will support her learning independent living skills and, though enjoying her alone time, is willing to check in on her and try to build a connection. Both girls have other connections they strongly want to maintain and would prefer to stay in the SEKS or KC Metro areas in order to do so.