These three brothers are proud of each other and watch out for one another. The oldest, Brizon, is characterized as someone that is loyal and a people pleaser. He makes friends easily and likes to be helpful to others. Brizon is good at drawing, origami and loves to play Minecraft. Other hobbies include rolling skating, riding his bikes and making ramps for his bike to jump off of. Brizon wants to be a mechanic when he grows up as he is quick to tell people that he “likes cars.” Middle brother Landon enjoys staying busy and being active. He relates well to his peers and gets along well with adults. Landon will help out some of the special needs children at his school. He is good at art, technology and playing sports like baseball and soccer. Landon likes to take things apart and put them back together again, he is very interested in technology and how things work. Youngest is Eathen, he is good at picking up his toys and writing his ABCs. In school Eathen likes his PE class the most as he says he gets to play hockey. He works hard in school and is very proud of his achievements and receiving rewards. When Eathen grows up he would like to be a race car driver. His brothers make him laugh and he enjoys spending time with them. All three boys want to be adopted together as they have a strong bond. They need a patient and understanding family that can provide structure, consistency and love.